Where Do Wolf Spiders Live in Summerlin, NV? Do They Climb into Beds? What Attracts Spider Infestations & More

There are many spiders found around the world. Where there are few that are dangerous, most look intimidating. Throughout the Northwest area of Las Vegas, NV, wolf spiders are known to infiltrate homes and businesses alike. Though there are plenty of types in spiders in the area, today, we at Pre-Empt Pest Control would like to further elaborate on the basics of wolf spiders.

Do Wolf Spiders Spin Webs?

Wolf spiders do not hunt with webs, unlike most spiders. Relying on their fast running ability, they chase their prey down instead. They often alarm people who see them because of their size and hair texture. However, these spiders are more of a nuisance than a threat. Throughout the United States and Canada, there are over the United States and Canada found.

Wolf Spider Identification

Wolf spiders are typically dark brown, often with paler, or sometimes yellow, stripes or markings. Like all arachnids, wolf spiders do run around on all 8 legs. These spiders have a stout-robust body with long, with spiny legs. Females average 3/8 – 1 3/8“ in length, and the males average 1/4 – 3/4“ long. These spiders usually rest in sheltered places during the day since wolf spiders actively hunt during the night. To pursue their prey, wolf spiders are fast on their feet. As a result, wolf spiders are commonly seen by people because of their habits.

What Attracts Wolf Spiders is what They Eat

In search of prey is usually why wolf spiders may enter structures. In fact, at the root of any spider issue, the problem is usually an additional infestation of common insect pests. Though wolf spiders are not necessarily looking to be a permanent resident in structures, they often stay once inside, especially if they have a convenient food source. Especially along walls and under furniture, wolf spiders tend to remain at or near floor level indoors. Beneath stones, firewood, landscape timbers, leaves and other debris are the common places where wolf spiders can be found when they are outside. They can be beneficial since wolf spiders feed on a variety of insects, including crop pests. Wolf spiders are solitary creatures and will stalk or ambush their prey. Since they usually live on the ground, they will lay in wait for their prey to come by. These spiders usually eat mostly ground-dwelling insects and other spiders. According to some experts, large females may even eat small vertebrates. Before biting it, wolf spiders frequently jump on their prey, hold it between their legs and roll over on their backs, trapping their prey with their limbs.

Will a Wolf Spider Bite?

Though it is extremely rare to experience a wolf spider bite unprovoked, wolf spiders can bite, especially in the event they are handled. It is usually accidental if the presence of wolf spiders are found in homes.

Do Wolf Spider Climb into Beds?

Although thinking that you are safe from spiders while you sleep would be much appreciated, unfortunately there is almost nowhere in your home a wolf spider won’t go. According to the University of Washington, a spider might enter your bed twice per year. You can however, decrease the possibility of this happening by taking simple measures to make your bed less appealing. Spiders typically get onto a bed using another object. Therefore, avoid allowing the sheets to hang and don’t place boxes and other objects on your bed which have previously been on the floor.

Home Pest Sealing to Prevent Wolf Spiders

To prevent wolf spiders from gaining entry, be sure to seal cracks on the outside of the home and use screens on doors and windows. In order to remove them from the home, professionals often place glue traps where the wolf spiders have been seen among other methods.

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