What to Do when You Find a Black Widow Spider in Your Aliante, NV House; Call an Exterminator for Spider Control!

There are many spiders roaming throughout Las Vegas and one of the most feared is the black widow spider. Black widow spiders are well known for their venomous bite. No homeowner wants to tolerate black widow spiders living in or outside their home. Pre-Empt Pest Control will share more about black widow spiders and how to control them.

Black Widow Spider Identification

When it comes to a little bit of knowledge about black widow spiders, know that it is the female that has the most potent venomous bite. The females are much larger than the males and are more distinctive. It is the female that has that orb like abdomen with the deep red hourglass marking on the underbelly. Both males and females can be black or dark brown in color. The males can be yellowish in color and have white or lighter color spots. Males are much smaller than the females and have a very small abdomen. Both male and female black widow spiders will have those distinct legs. The front and back pair are long while the middle two are short and not quite as outstretched.

Are Black Spiders Aggressive?

There are a lot of misconceptions about black widow spiders. One is their aggression. Most people assume black widow spiders are out to get them and if a spider sees you they are coming to bite you. This is nowhere near the truth. Black widow spiders are very flighty and will run away from things, including people. They hide during the day and only come out at night to hunt for prey.

Are Black Widows Deadly?

Another misconception is their venom. Most people believe their venom is deadly. Deaths linked to the black widow spider bite is very rare. Some people may need medical aid but in most cases, people will only get an itchy bug bite. Black widow spiders mostly prefer to stay outside and low to the ground where they can build their webs and be left alone. However, they will wander inside garages or homes where they will make the best of the situation. When inside the home, black widow spiders are most often found in air ducts, attics, or the corners of windows.

How to Prevent a Black Widow Infestation

When controlling black widow spiders your best defense is exclusion. Exclusion basically means to keep spiders out of your home. You will want to make sure that the doors and windows are properly sealed when closed. You may need to replace weatherstripping and window screens. Next, inspect the outside of your home for any holes or cracks that can be used by spiders to enter. Seal them up with silicone caulking glue to keep pests out. Next you will want to keep the outside as cleaned up as possible. Black Widow spiders will go where they find food. Outside areas with lot of clutter or yard debris will draw other pests that Black Widow spiders find tasty. By reducing other pests and keeping the outside as clean as possible, you will reduce hiding spots for Black Widow spiders and a food source.

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