What to Do if You Find a Desert Brown Recluse Spider in your Lone Mountain, NV House; Home Pest Sealing & More

Throughout the Las Vegas Valley there are many pests and some more harmful than others. One of the pests that make it to the top of the charts is the Desert Brown Recluse spider. There are many different species of recluse spider found throughout America, but here in Nevada, the Desert Brown Recluse spider is prominent. Desert brown recluse spiders are venomous and can be very harmful. Each person will react differently to their venom. In some cases there is little reaction to their bite, other times it can become life threatening. Pre-Empt Pest Control will share how to identify and control desert brown recluse spiders.

Desert Brown Recluse Spider Adaptations

The desert brown recluse spider is primarily found in the southwest parts of the United States. Desert brown recluse spiders prefer desert environments and are highly populated in California, Nevada and Arizona. Desert brown recluse spiders don’t always wander into urban environments and prefer the desert scene. However, on occasion a desert brown recluse spider can be found wandering into homes, especially on the outskirt parts of town. Desert brown recluse spiders do not make webs. Instead, they like to hide in the abandoned den of rodents. At times they will wander into yards seeking refuge under rocks and debris. Desert brown recluse spiders are hunter spiders and look for prey at night. Therefore, they hide during the day. Desert brown recluse spiders will hunt other insects and spiders which helps keep insect population at bay.

Identification of Desert Brown Recluse Spiders

Desert brown recluse spiders are rather easy to identify. They have a number of distinct characteristics. One is their eyes, These spiders have only 6 eyes and not the traditional 8 like other spider species. Their eyes are also arranged in three pair, forming a triangle. They are a light tan or yellowish brown in color and have a violin marking on their cephalothorax. They also have long stretched out legs and can reach up to 1 ½ inches long. Desert brown recluse spiders will have a smaller oval shaped abdomen. These spiders are covered with tiny hairs which can’t be seen with the naked eye. This makes them appear hairless.

Effects of Brown Recluse Spider Bite

The desert brown recluse spider toxin can be harmful. However, each person will react differently to their bite. Some people will have no more than an itchy bug bite for a few days. Others may experience skin damaging lesions which eat away at the skin. Only in a few rare cares has a person had a life threatening allergic reaction to their toxin. Luckily, encounters and bites from a desert brown recluse spider can be rare as they are not an aggressive species. Most recluse spider bites occur accidentally such as when a person put on clothing with a spider inside or when going through boxes that a recluse spider was hiding in.

How to Prevent Infestations of Desert Brown Recluse Spiders

To prevent desert brown recluse spiders from entering your home, it is recommended to practice good pest exclusion. This mean keeping spiders outside your home. Avoid leaving porch lights on at night which draws spiders and their prey to your doorstep. Next, make sure doors and windows are properly sealed. This keeps the pests out. To ensure no pest enters your home, hire professional pest control.

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