What Attracts Scorpions to My West Sahara, NV House & Yard? Water, Insects, Spiders, Lizards, Habitat & More

Finding a stinging insect, especially a scorpion in your home can be a frightening experience but even more terrifying than finding one, is the thought of finding more. When it comes to scorpions this is often a very real reality as scorpions typically travel in groups which means for every scorpion that you see, there are as many as six or more that could potentially be hiding somewhere in your home. Did you know that there are as many as 25 different types of scorpions throughout the state of Nevada? And they all inflict painful stings that can result in a variety of symptoms including pain, nausea, numbness, and swelling. While the sting of a scorpion is not necessarily cause for concern when inflicted upon a healthy adult, it can cause severe reactions in small children, family pets and those individuals who have compromised immune systems. To keep your family safe from the sting of a scorpion you need to know what attracts them to your home in the first place. The knowledgeable experts at Pre-Empt Pest Control explore this further below.

Scorpions are Attracted to Moisture

Little known fact about scorpions; they can go without a food source for months at a time but they need water in order to survive and your home is the ideal spot to find moisture and all the water they need. Take a good look around your property for any standing water sources, leaking hoses, or sprinklers set too close to the house. Once inside your home, scorpions will venture towards your kitchen, laundry area, and bathroom, basically any area that has a consistent water source. Damp areas around your washer, sink or shower drain are all common hiding spaces. Check your home inside and out for leaking pipes, and remove all standing water sources.

Scorpions Eat Insects, Spiders, Lizards & Other Scorpions

The primary food source for a scorpion is insects so if you have spiders, beetles or a cockroach problem in your home you are basically rolling out the welcome mat for scorpions to take up residence in your space. Keep your home pest free with regular professional pest control treatments and head scorpions off at the pass.

Sealing Home from Scorpions

Cracks, even tiny ones are the ideal entry for scorpions to crawl through to get access to your home. Common areas of entry include: doorways, windows, rooftops, and foundations. When outside temperatures rise, scorpions search for a nice quiet, cool place to hide. Scorpions hunt at night and will avoid humans contact whenever possible, that being said, they will strike when they feel threatened. Take the time to seal up cracks and crevices to help keep scorpions and other pests out of your home.

Scorpion Habitat

Scorpions are not only sensitive to heat; they are also sensitive to light. If you have a lot of items piled up around your home, you are giving scorpions and other pests plenty of secure hiding places. Keep gardening supplies, kids toys etc. away from your home to decrease the odds of scorpions finding a place a hide. Clearing out your garage and keeping it tidy will also deter scorpions away from your property.

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