What Attracts Scorpions & How to Keep Infestations of Scorpion Pests Away from Your Centennial Hills, NV Home

It’s not uncommon to come across a scorpion if you live in the southern and southwest regions of the United States. While most scorpions are not venomous there are species of scorpions that ARE venomous and common in the southwestern states. The best way to deal with scorpions is to treat all of them as if they are venomous. Pre-empt Pest Control offers helpful tips to keep scorpions out of your home and yard.

Types of Scorpions Found in Northwest Las Vegas, NV

There are actually about 25 different scorpion species that can be found in our area but the three following species are the most abundant.
Bark Scorpions – This scorpion is the most common and most venomous of all scorpion species. These scorpions live in large communities and if you see one, you should assume there are many more nearby. These scorpions are a light brown color, are generally about three inches in length and have a very slim tail with a very curved stinger.
Striped Tail Scorpion AKA Devil Scorpion – Just like the name would suggest, this scorpion has a striped tail. They are a light yellow-brown color and also about three inches in length.
Giant Hairy Scorpion – This scorpion is very scary looking. They measure about four to five inches long and are covered in black hair.

How Long Does a Scorpion Sting Last?

Scorpion stings are painful but rarely life-threatening. The pain you will feel after a sting is instantaneous and extreme. Any redness and swelling will occur within five minutes and could last up to a few days. More severe symptoms, if they do occur, will happen within the hour and it is recommended to seek medical attention if you experience itching or swelling of the mouth and throat, wheezing or trouble breathing, lightheadedness, nausea or vomiting. Most scorpion stings don’t require treatment, but young children and the elderly are more at risk of serious complications.

Scorpion Prevention in Your Home

Home Sealing for Pest Control. This is the best way to keep scorpions out of your home. Use caulk on any cracks and crevices you find in the foundation. You also need to seal any other openings to your home no matter how small they are.
Declutter Your Yard to Keep Scorpions Away. Keeping your lawn and landscaping trimmed and your property free of debris will eliminate places for scorpions to hide. Eliminate piles of rocks, loose wood and any trash around your home.
Create a Scorpion Free Environment. Eliminate food, water, and shelter that scorpions need to survive. Proper pest control will free your home of the insects that they eat. Repair any leaks in your home and remove clutter in your home to prevent hiding spots.

What Attracts Scorpions?

Scorpions are attracted to homes and buildings where there is plentiful food for them to eat. As their diet consists mostly of insects, scorpions will leave if they cannot find any prey. Routine professional pest control can get rid of the insects that attract scorpions.

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