Types of Rodents in Mountain Shadows, NV; How to Get Rid of Deer & House Mice and Norway & Roof Rats

Throughout the Las Vegas Valley there are a number of rodents that have easily adapted to urban life. Throughout the city you can find both mice and rats invading homes and businesses while seeking food, water and shelter. Given the right conditions, rodents can thrive within our communities year round. Pre-Empt Pest Control would like to share the most common rodents found invading our Las Vegas homes.

Deer Mice Facts

Deer mice are a large species of mice that has a very long pointed nose and large furry ears. Deer mice got their name due to their fur coloring. They are bi-colored with a reddish brown top and a white underbelly, much like a deer. Deer mice are very common in Las Vegas. This particular rodent will mostly stay outside. However due to intense weather, typically during the middle of summer and winter, they will want to invade your home. Deer mice prefer to eat small insects, nuts, seeds, and berries but will also help themselves to anything they can find. Deer Mice can reproduce quickly and their young will be fully mature within two months. Deer mice are also known to carry the Hantavirus which is in their urine and feces. They can contaminate a home and food which is why they must be controlled quickly.

House Mice Control

The common house mouse is another rodent that is found throughout Las Vegas. This mouse is smaller than deer mice and can range in color. The top fur can be a light brown, gray and nearly black. They too have a light colored under belly. House mice are covered in a finer fur and even have hair on their tails and ears. House mice prefer enclosed areas and love to invade homes and commercial buildings. They can also squeeze through tight cracks and can be difficult to keep out of the home. Like deer mice, house mice can have large litters and babies can be fully matured within six weeks. A mature female is able to reproduce a new litter every 21 days. House mice can also carry disease and cause major damages to a home.

Brown Norway Rats

Norway rats are able to reach 18 inches in length and weigh over a pound. Norway rats have a short shaggy brown or gray coat that covers their body. The ears and tails are covered in small scales. Norway rats like to nest near a good water source and will spend their time outdoors, living close to people. They like grainy food and meats and will eat dead animals. Norway rats will dig burrows underneath buildings and in dense foliage. However, they also been found in the attics and basements of Las Vegas homes. Rats are very destructive and can cause hundred if not thousands of dollars’ worth of damages.

Black Roof Rats

Roof rats are a longer rat that can reach up to 15 inches long including the tail. The have a sleek body build and long fingers which help them to climb. Roof rats are more common than the Norway rat here in Las Vegas. They will nest in trees, particularly palm trees as well as inside attics. Commonly they can be seen climbing on roofs. They tend to like to stay off the ground but if there is a good place on the ground they can shelter in they can be found nesting on the ground level as well. Roof rats are also super destructive and can carry diseases.

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