Types of Bees in Summerlin West, NV; Africanized Killer, Honey, Carpenter, Leafcutter, Bumblebees & More

There are many species of bees that live in Southern Nevada and are found throughout the Las Vegas Valley. Some bees pose more of a threat or are more destructive than other bees. As bees are essential to the pollinating of our local plants, and every bee is extremely important, you still do not need to live side by side with bees. Professional pest control services that perform beehive removal services can safely remove the bees and relocate them to a safer location. Pre-Empt Pest Control would like to share the many species of bees that are found in Las Vegas and who you can call to relocate our buzzing friends.

Africanized Killer Bees

These bees are one of the most aggressive species of bees. These bees were the result of an unexpected breeding experiment. The Africanized bees are a cross species of African and European Honey bees. They were bred to better withstand the rising temperatures and ensure that a bee species is around to pollinate our crops. However, these bees took on the aggressive traits of the African bee and will attack intruders. Their stings are 10 times more potent than a honey bee and they can sting multiple times without injuring themselves.

Honey Bees

One of the species of bees that are both fed and farmed is the Honey Bee. There are many bee farms that use this species as they can produce the most honey in a season and can have a colony size up to 20,000 members. Honey bee hives are at their biggest and busiest by mid-summer. The male worker Honey bees do not have a stinger. Only the female workers have them and they only sting when the hive is disturbed. If not for these amazing bees, we would not have delicious honey and a lot of produce that require pollination.


Bumblebees do not have a major dense population in Southern Nevada. However, you can still glimpse them from time to time. Bumblebees love garden beds, and for those who dedicate a lot of space for a garden you may see or hear these guys buzzing around. Bumblebees make a very loud buzzing noise which makes them easy to identify. Bumblebee queens will hibernate close to gardens as they promise an easy start come spring. The entire colony dies by late fall and the queen will seek shelter.

Carpenter Bees

Carpenter Bees are frequently mistaken for bumble bees due to their size. However, Carpenter bees are solitary bees and only a mating pair of carpenter bees call a place home. They like dry wood or died trees where they create a nest in which to lay their eggs. The couple will sadly die by winter and the next generation will emerge come spring. Carpenter bees will chew through wood along decks or exposed wood inside the home. As such, they can cause some damages to a home or structure. However, Carpenter bees do feed on nectar and help pollinate plants. If possible, wait for the carpenter bees to mature then seal off the hole to prevent future generations nesting in your home.

Leafcutter Bees

Leafcutter bees also cut into wood to build a nest. Leafcutter bees much prefer to create there nest in dying or dead trees higher off the ground. These are also protected and often farmed. Many farmers will house leafcutter bees not so much for their honey but as pollinators. A Leafcutter bee can do the same amount of work as 20 honey bees. Farmers simply love these bees as they prove to help our crops and ensure our local plant life thrives.

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As bees play a vital role it is important not to kill them. If you have a beehive on your property, contact Pre-Empt Pest Control. We provide bee and beehive removal services and more.

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