Sudden Appearance of Cockroaches in Northwest Las Vegas, NV? What Attracts, How to Get Rid Of Roaches & More

Everybody knows that cockroaches are often attracted to filth. In fact, they have quite the stigma because they are often found in filthy places. So what about your house that you work so diligently to keep clean so that you avoid those filthy creatures? If you have tried everything to keep your house clean and are still frustrated with cockroach activity, Pre-Empt Pest Control is here to share some things that could still be attracting pests to your home.

Why Does Las Vegas Have So Many Cockroaches?

There are areas that are simply more prone to cockroaches than others. Living in the Vegas Valley means that our warm climate all year long simply makes us more prone to cockroach infestations than others. They can get into your home through small cracks and crevices whether your home is clean or not.

Cockroaches are Looking for Moisture

Cockroaches aren’t always looking for rotting food. In fact, they need water more than they need food and will enter even the cleanest homes on their quest for it. If you see them in your bathroom or in the kitchen, it is likely because these areas have wet conditions where other areas of your home aren’t going to give them what they need. To avoid this, fix any leaking pipes in your home that could be attracting them.

What Do Cockroaches Eat?

Even if your home is clean, if you aren’t storing your foot properly, then cockroaches are more than capable of helping themselves to the food they want. Not only that, but cockroaches are certainly not picky eaters. They have been known to even snack on cardboard, leather, grease, soap and even your hair.

Cockroaches Hide During the Day

Living in an area like Vegas where cockroaches are the norm, means that they are going to be hiding in some places that you wouldn’t expect them. Cockroaches have been known to hide in the window screens where they aren’t making contact with the frame, behind wall hangings, in trash cans and even inside air conditioning units.

Roaches Hide Outside

What many people don’t know is that cockroaches can live in the landscaping in your yard just as much as they do in your home. Compost bins, wood piles and dense vegetation are just a few of the familiar places you can find a cluster of these insects. One of the best things you can do to keep this problem at a minimum is to keep your landscaping trimmed and kept short. You should also make sure there are no hoses left on or bird baths that are giving them the moisture they are definitely looking for.

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