Stinging Wasp Insect Prevention Tips in Northwest Las Vegas, NV; Covering Outside Food & Trash, Home Pest Sealing & More

As we head into the summer months in the Vegas Valley, it means we need to get our guard up against many pests. One of the more aggressive pests that we face in the summer in this area are wasps. They can be dangerous as they pose a stinging threat that leaves painful welts and sometime life threatening allergic reactions. Pre-Empt Pest Control is here to share some tips to help you keep the wasp population under control on your property this summer.

How to Keep Wasps Away from House, Deck & Yard

The biggest tip we can offer our valued customers when it comes to wasp control is that a proactive approach is always better than waiting for them to invade your property and then seeking guidance as to how to get rid of them. Stinging insects like wasps are much harder to get rid of after they have established themselves than if you take a few steps in protecting your property in the first place. Following are our best tips.

Home Pest Sealing to Keep Wasps from Building a Nest

Wasps will usually build their nests in dark, quiet places that aren’t constantly getting disrupted by people. The first thing you need to do is to seal off any areas that you could imagine a wasp building a nest. Places like unsealed vents, cracks around doors and windows, open dampers, and torn screens are areas that should be sealed to prevent wasps from building nests in those areas. If you notice that there is a wasp around your home on a daily basis, you likely have missed a spot and they have built a nest somewhere. Also, if you like watching the birds in your backyard, make sure there aren’t wasps building a nest inside the birdhouse. This is a quiet, dark place that is perfect for a wasp nest.

Cover Food at Backyard BBQ’s & Picnics that Wasps Eat?

Wasps are going to be attracted to the food that you eat. This is why wasps are frequent guests at your family barbecues. They will be most attracted to foods high in protein and sugar. If you have fruit trees in your yard, you may find that they are attracted to them as well. If you are having a barbecue, cover your food until you are ready to eat it and clear away your plate when you’re done to avoid attracting these dangerous pests.

Seal Trash Cans to Keep Wasps Away

Much like the food you eat, they are attracted to your trash. Make sure that you are sealing your garbage cans with proper fitting lids to keep them away.

Wear Colors Wasps are Least Attracted To

If you wear darker clothing, you may find that wasps aren’t as attracted to you. When you wear light, colorful clothing, they may mistake you for a flower.

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If you are dealing with a wasp infestation that you can’t get under control, you can count on the professionals at Pre-Empt Pest Control to help you get rid of them safely. We have the experience needed to eradicate these dangerous pests. Call us today!

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