Spider Control

Spiders play an important role as a predator to keep insect populations in check but their presence in your home or business may indicate the real problem is a pest infestation that spiders are attracted to as a food source. Many different spider species can be found in Northwest Las Vegas, NV such as black widow, cellar, desert brown recluse, desert tarantula, hobo, jumping, orbweaver, sac, wolf and a variety of house spiders. Many spider species prefer to live in dark, out of the way areas such as boxes of seasonal decorations or closets where they can enjoy seclusion. Some other spider species are attracted to damp places in the home. When disturbed, some spider species bite and can be extremely dangerous for your loved ones.

Common Spiders Found in the Las Vegas Valley

Some of the most common spiders found in the Las Vegas Valley include:
– Wolf Spiders: These spiders won’t be looking for any confrontation. They don’t build webs and are hunters during the night hours. These spiders are great hunters and feed mostly off the insects found around your home. They do inject venom when they bite, but most people only experience mild discomfort.
– Hobo Spiders: This spider will build a funnel web. They often build their nests in your home and if they are protecting an egg sac, they can become fairly aggressive. Their bite is moderate and you may feel a hard area about 30 minutes after the initial bite.
– Brown Recluse Spiders: The brown recluse is also known as the fiddle back spider because of the dark fiddle shaped marking on its back. They prefer to be left alone and will often inhabit places with little to no human activity. Their bite can be particularly harmful and can cause serious health problems when they strike.
– Black Widow Spiders: This is another dangerous spider that is easily distinguished by the red hourglass shape on the underside of the abdomen. While their bite is painful and the inject venom when they bite, rarely is their bite a fatal one.
– Giant House Spiders: While their funnel shaped webs may be a nuisance, they don’t pose a real threat as they rarely bite unless they are provoked. Their bite is mild and hardly ever poses any threat to humans.

Spider Bites

While all spider bites are venomous, there are only two spider species found in Northwest Las Vegas, NV that are considered life threatening: Black widow and brown recluse spiders. Black widows are highly aggressive. After being bitten, many people require emergency care. The venom of brown recluse spiders is not as toxic as the black widow spider, it contains a very dangerous enzyme that can lead to skin necrosis and lesions.

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It can be difficult to see a spider in your home or business and be able to tell exactly what species it is unless you are somewhat of an expert on spiders like our pest technicians at Pre-empt Pest Control. So why take the risk that what you think is a harmless house spider is actually a dangerous spider species that poses a risk to your loved ones. Pre-empt Pest Control can help you distinguish between harmless and harmful species and control a spider or other pest infestation. Call us to treat pest infestations that may be attracting spiders to your residence!

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