Scorpion Pest Control

Scorpions are a pest that are commonly found in the Las Vegas Valley. They are an arachnid that carry with them a painful sting if you catch them off guard and they feel threatened. It is important to understand what type of scorpions you are dealing with when it comes to controlling them. Pre-empt Pest Control is here to talk about the most commonly found scorpion species in Northwest Las Vegas, Nevada.

Types of Scorpions Found in Northwest Las Vegas, NV

Following are the three top scorpions found here:
Bark Scorpions: Of all the scorpions in Las Vegas, the bark scorpion is the one that you should fear the most. They are the most poisonous scorpion in our area. If you notice a bark scorpion on your property, there are more than likely many more where that one came from as they can take over quickly. This scorpion is three inches long and light brown in color.
Giant Hairy Scorpion: While the Arizona giant hair scorpion can be alarming to look at, they aren’t as dangerous as the bark scorpions. They are about four to five inches long and have furry black bodies. Because they are so big, they can eat prey as large as lizards and take hunting very seriously.
Striped Tail Scorpion: The striped tail (AKA stripe tailed) scorpions are easy to spot because of their spotted tails. They are about three inches long and brown in color.

Are Scorpions Dangerous?

Residents of Northwest Las Vegas, NV know what a nuisance scorpions are in and around their home or business. Scorpions inflict painful stings to people and pets. Minor problems may result such as pain, numbness, tingling and swelling at the site or if the sting is from a bank scorpion you may experience more serious symptoms like fast breaths, a racing heart, weakness, high blood pressure and muscle twitches. If you find scorpions in or around your home, please contact a professional pest control company like Pre-empt Pest Control right away.

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Whether you see one scorpion or many, call Pre-empt Pest Control today. We can handle all your pest control needs!

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