Ant Control

Ants are one of the most successful insects on earth in terms of surviving environments. These insects can be found from the coldest temperatures of the arctic to the hottest desert climates like we have in the Vegas Valley. Ants excel at finding food and shelter, so it’s no surprise they are such a common pest problem in homes and commercial buildings. Ants are much more than a nuisance. Some ant species like carpenter ants are very destructive to our homes while other types of ants such as sugar ants contaminate food and spread bacteria and disease like salmonella. Other ant species such as fire ants and pharaoh ants are known to inflict painful bites. Unfortunately a wide variety of ant species can be found in Northwest Las Vegas, NV including Acrobat, Argentine, Carpenter, Ghost, Odorous, Pavement, Pharaoh, Rasberry Crazy, Sugar and Velvety Tree Ants.

Ant Inspections

Pre-empt Pest Control perform thorough inspections to accurately identify the ant species and where they are coming from so we can eliminate the problem effectively. A thorough ant inspection inside and outside of your property is necessary to identify all of their entry points. Identification of the ant species is vital as different ant species require different approaches ton effectively get rid of them.

Types of Ants Found in the Las Vegas Valley

There are several ant species commonly found in the Las Vegas Valley. Following are a few of the most common types of ants.
– Fire Ants: You can usually spot fire ants fairly easily with their dark abdomen and their copper colored head. They build large nests in the ground and their sting is painful and could possibly start to swell. They are extremely aggressive and this is why you should leave control up to the pest experts at Pre-Empt Pest Control.
– Argentine Ants: What sets this ant species apart from other is the fact that they build “super colonies” where there could literally be 100’s of queen ants. They can infest a space quickly so control is key.
– Black Ants: While black ants are obnoxious and the most commonly found ant in Las Vegas, they won’t cause you any physical harm.
– Carpenter Ants: These are a destructive ant that is large in size. If they infest your home or business, they can cause serious structural damage as they hollow out wood to build their nests. They are most attracted to wood that has been damaged by water and it soft.
– Acrobat Ants: These ants have a heart shaped abdomen and the ability to change from brown to black quickly. They are known as predators because they prey on dead insects primarily as well as sugar and other sources of protein.
– Odorous Ants: These small brown or black ant omit a coconut smell when they are smashed that will alert the others in the colony of trouble.

DIY VS Professional Ant Control

Over the counter ant control products often fail as they are made to kill ants on contact but make no attempt to destroy the colony. In fact, DIY ant control attempts can make the infestation worse. Store bought ant repellents actually perform a disservice as ants will often detect it and not cross over it. As these worker ants avoid the repellents, they will split off with a new queen to create additional colonies giving rise to even more ants.

Ant Inspections & Treatment in Aliante, Centennial Hills, Cimarron Springs, Desert Shores, Iron Mountain Ranch, Lone Mountain, Mountain Shadows, Peccole Ranch, Skypointe, Summerlin, Summerlin South, The Lakes, West Sahara & Greater Northwest Las Vegas, NV

Are you seeing ants you’re not familiar with? Call us to correctly identify the species and recommend a custom ant control plan. Pre-empt Pest Control has the experience and expertise to get rid of ants and other pests in your Northwest Las Vegas, NV home or business. Contact us to get started today!

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