How to Prevent & Get Rid of Little Black Ants in Your Kitchen, Bathrooms & House in Peccole Ranch, NV

Throughout Las Vegas, ants pose a major problem especially during the summer. One particular ant species commonly found in homes is the black ant. These ants are very small and are often referred to as the little black ant. These ants can be hard to control once they invade. With this in mind, Pre-Empt Pest Control will share more about the black ant and how to control them.

Black Ant Identification

Black ants are very small with workers reaching only about 1/16 of an inch in length. Queen black ants can grow up to 1/8 of an inch. As their name suggests, black ants are all black with a shiny surface. However, some black ants can also be dark brown. Black ants also have a rounded thorax and two nodes on the petiole. With a closer inspection, black ants have 12 segmented antennae with the last three being round shaped clubs.

Where Do Black Ants Live & What Do They Eat?

Black ants are a highly adaptive species that can thrive in many different environments. Black ants prefer to build their nests underneath rocks, logs, debris and other material that can offer protection. Black ants will forage for food, leaving distinct scent trails along the way. Black ants are omnivores and are not picky eaters. They will feed on anything but they do love sweet and fatty meats. When they invade inside a home, black ants will infest pantries, snack bowls or dirty dishes. For those with pets, ants will also swarm pet dishes.

How to Prevent Tiny Black Ants Outside Your House

Controlling black ants isn’t easy as they are very small and can fit through the smallest of cracks. One of the best tactics is to have a professional pest control company treat around the edges of the home combined with the use of ant bait. Applying a barrier around the home helps to kill ants as they wander inside and toward the bait which is brought back to the nest. The ants feed on the poison, slowly killing the colony. However, there are other steps you can take to help reduce future invasions. During the spring you will want to begin cleaning up around the home and in the yard. Any decaying logs or debris where black ants like to live should be removed. Additionally, avoid leaving food outside such as pet food and garbage for extended periods of time. You can also deter black ants by keeping the lawn trimmed down.

How to Keep Ants off Your Kitchen Counter & Away from Around Sink etc

To help reduce ants invading inside your home, you will want to avoid leaving food out for ants to find. Keep dirty dishes clean and avoid leaving crumbs on countertops. Never leave fruit or snack bowls out as they attract ants as well as other pests inside your home. When storing food inside the pantry, make sure to keep them in airtight sealed containers to prevent little ants from crawling inside the containers. Lastly, seal all gaps and cracks around the home, especially those near doors, windows and near the foundation of the home.

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Even with the best efforts of the homeowner, preventing ants can be impossible at times. With the assistance of a pest control service, you can combat ants and other invasive pests. For quality pest control services, contact Pre-Empt Pest Control today.

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