How to Pest Proof Your Pantry from Cockroaches, Ants, Moths, Beetles & Other Pest Invaders in Summerlin West, NV

Pests will always look for ways to get inside your home, and some of these pests are even brought into the home unknowingly. Some pests such as spiders or scorpions invade homes to feed on other pests. However, pests such as cockroaches, ants and pantry pests are after your stored goods. When you want to protect your food and stored goods in your pantry, there are a number of pests you must try to properly prevent. These are known as pantry pests. Pre-Empt Pest Control will share tips on pest proofing your pantry.

Pest Invaders

There are many pests that will gladly help themselves to your pantry goods. Some of the common invading pests are ants, cockroaches and rodents. However, other pests labeled as pantry pests consist of merchant grain beetles, Indian meal moths, and flour beetles. These are often brought into the house inside the very food you buy. These pests often start out as eggs that are hiding inside flour, sugar and spices. As they grow, they will eventually take over the entire pantry. To prevent pests from invading your pantry, you will need to consider both the invading pests as well as the pantry pests.

Avoid Bringing Cockroaches & Other Pests Home with You

When pest proofing your pantry, first make sure to shop smart. You will want to avoid bringing pests into your home whenever you can help it. Look for signs on products you buy that look like they may be already infested. Some of the store goods you should pay close attention to is sugar, flour, cereals and dry fruits. If a package looks questionable, avoid it as it could already have pests inside. After returning home with your stored foods, put packaged items in a storage container. Glass or pantry storage containers are highly recommended for flour, sugar, and other highly targeted foods by pantry pests. Make sure your storage containers have firm lids at are tightly secured.

Use Bay Leaves to Repel Pantry Moths & Insects

To help protect your flour, rice and other grains, you can put one or two bay leaves inside the container. Pantry pests, as well as many invasive pests, do not like the smell of bay leaves that work like a repellent. Next, make sure to keep your pantry clean. When spills from stored food occurs, make sure to clean the mess quickly so as not to draw the pests inside your pantry.

Clean Kitchen to Prevent Pest Infestations

One of the harder pests to keep out of your pantry is rodents. Mice and rats can chew through boxes and plastic containers. If you have a history of rodent invasion, make sure to secure your pantry goods extra tight. Avoid plastic containers. Instead, use glass or metal food storage containers and make sure they seal tightly. To avoid ants, rodents and cockroaches infesting your home and your pantry, keep the inside of the home clean as well. Avoid leaving food out, even a fruit bowl. Clean dishes right after eating and clean up crumbs. Discarded food is one of the main causes of pest infestation.

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