How to Keep Stinging Insects Away in West Sahara, NV to Avoid Bee & Wasp Stings when They Land on You

Anytime you have a run-in with stinging pests like hornets, wasps and yellow jackets, it can be dangerous. These aggressive stinging pests send thousands of people to the hospital every single year. As we start to see higher temperatures in the Vegas area, these stinging pests are going to start to wake up and get more and more active. Pre-Empt Pest Control is here to share some tips to help you avoid stinging pests this summer.

Seal Cracks Around Home to Keep Stinging Pests Out

Many stinging pests like hornets and wasps will build their nests in cracks and crevices like block walls, valve boxes, under eaves and decks, and more. If you can eliminate these nooks and crannies, you will be far better off. If you see any visible cracks or holes that could be covered, this should be done to avoid these pests from building their nests there. You will see a significant decrease in these pests when you take the time to do this.

Don’t Leave Food Out at BBQs, Picnics etc that Will Attract Bees & Wasps

We are starting to move into the best time of the year to enjoy a BBQ outside. There is nothing like enjoying good food and good company outside when the temperature is ideal. The only thing that will ruin a good BBQ is a colony of stinging pests. This is why you should keep your food covered unless you are actively eating it.

Are Wasps Attracted to Fragrance?

Everyone likes to smell good. There are lotions and perfumes that can help you have the sweet smell of many flowers. These sweet smelling fragrances don’t only help you smell good, but they also attract stinging pests as well. Try using unscented lotions to give your skin the moisture it needs this summer so you can avoid attracting stinging pests.

What Colors are Bees & Wasps Least Attracted To?

Have you noticed that many flowers are bright, vibrant colors? When you wear these vibrant colors or floral prints on your clothes, you can be mistaken by stinging pests for flowers. If you wear muted or light colors, you are far less likely to have a run-in with these dangerous pests. Another consideration to make for your wardrobe is to wear shoes at all times. There are several stinging insects that can be hiding on the ground and when you step on them, they will sting the bottom of your foot.

What to Do if a Wasp Lands on You

It can be unnerving to have a stinging insect land on your shoulder. In fact, your first instinct may be to swat at it to get it to fly away. These pests are very aggressive when they feel threatened though and will actually chase you down and sting you when threatened. Stay calm and allow them to move on, on their own. You can also gently blow on them to get them to move along faster.

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