How to Keep Out Rodents, Scorpions, Bed Bugs, Spiders & Cockroaches this Winter in Iron Mountain Ranch, NV

When you live in a place like Las Vegas, NV where the weather is always pleasant, you are bound to have some pests to deal with. Cold weather tends to get rid of several pests in other areas of the country. Here, we don’t have to worry about shoveling snow, but we will have to worry about keeping pests out of our homes. Pre-Empt Pest Control is here to talk about the pests most likely to invade your Northwest Las Vegas, NV home this winter!


Scorpions fall under the arachnid family and carry a painful sting with them. They are venomous and a common fear among residents of Las Vegas. Their sting isn’t lethal, but you can definitely count on being uncomfortable if you are ever faced with one. The common reactions include nausea, numbness, breathing difficulty, and convulsions. No joke, right? Even though it doesn’t get seriously cold in Las Vegas, during the colder months, scorpions will seek refuge in your home.

Bed Bugs

Unfortunately, bed bugs are year round pests. Although they don’t pose any major health risks, there blood sucking can leave itchy and painful welts. The shed skins and other waste that bed bugs leave behind can also exacerbate allergies. And of course bed bugs can cause serious mental stress, anxiety and sleepless nights even after they have been removed. As bed bugs are able to hitch rides on unsuspecting passengers, luggage and used furniture they can easily infest homes and businesses.


Cockroaches are one of the biggest problems in Las Vegas. They survive under almost any circumstances and are extremely good at adapting to their surroundings. Part of this has to do with the fact that they will literally eat almost anything to stay alive. The biggest problem for cockroaches in Las Vegas, is lack of water. This is why you will often find them in areas of your home where there is a water source. Unfortunately, this includes your kitchen. They carry a variety of serious illnesses with them, so you don’t want to let them take over your kitchen. If you see one, there is most likely more and you need to get someone in there to get rid of them quick.


Spiders are universally feared by many. This is ironic, because they are, for the most part, harmless to humans. They actually work to keep other pests away. If you find a spider outside of your home, you may want to let it be. However, if you happen to find a black widow in your yard, which there are a lot of here, call for pest control right away. These spiders carry a painful and even life threatening bite with them. They are easily distinguished by their black body and red hourglass marking on the underside of their abdomen.


Rodents are yet another year-round pest that will infest any property, not just unsanitary homes and businesses. Rodents can cause structural and other property damage including electrical damage. Rodents can also transmit several harmful bacteria and diseases as well as bring parasites into your residence or workplace.

Pest Control Home Sealing

One thing these pests have in common, is their desire to gain access to your home when the weather gets colder. You need to ensure your home is free from cracks and crevices that they can use to gain entry into your home as the weather gets cooler.

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Battling these pests can seem like a losing battle. That’s why Pre-Empt Pest Control is here to help you do it. With our knowledgeable pest control technicians, we will work with you to keep these pests from invading your home. Call us today for more information on our pest control systems.

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