How to Get Rid of European Hornet Nests & Avoid the Pain from Hornet Wasp Stings in Summerlin, NV

European hornets are a well-known pest throughout Northwest Las Vegas, Nevada. European hornets will begin to make themselves known as our temperatures warm up. European Hornets are known to be aggressive when defending their nest and will build their nest in yards or along the home. As European Hornets play a role in the ecosystem they also pose a major threat and require proper action. Pre-Empt Pest Control will share more about European hornets and how you can prevent these stinging pests.

European Hornet Identification

European Hornets were first introduced to North America in the 1800’s and came from Europe. They first arrived in New York and spread throughout North America and are commonly found in Southern Nevada. European Hornets are larger than other native wasps or hornets. The European Hornets can grow slightly over 1 inch in length. European Hornets are also yellow and brown in color with pale stripes on their abdomen. Another feature of the European Hornet is their pale colored face.

European Hornet Nests

When one sees large worker hornets in their yard, this can indicate a nest is nearby. European Hornets will often nest in hollow trees, in attic spaces, inside walls, and in the corners of porches. European hornets usually prefer to build their nest in areas that provide shelter. They will also build their own protective shelter. They create a papery like structure that houses over the inner nest. However, European hornets will not begin building their nest until spring. European Hornet worker die during the winter. A single fertile queen will find shelter during winter where she will hibernate until spring. The queens will emerge during the spring and begin looking for an ideal place to lay the first generation of workers.

How to Avoid European Hornet Stings

To help prevent attracting a queen European Hornet, you will first want to secure the outside of the home and yard. Look around at your fences, trees, and other landscape features. If you see any natural cavity that the queen can call home, seal them up. Cover the attic vents as European hornets love to build their nest inside attic spaces. You will still want to allow proper ventilation in the attic which is why it is recommended to use a wire mesh like material to cover the attic vents. Another way to help reduce your chance of a European hornet infestation is to change out the exterior light bulbs. Use yellow light bulbs outside as they don’t attract European hornets and other insects toward your home at night. If you have fruit trees in your yard, remove any discarded fruits as it will attract European hornets.

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After doing your part to prevent European hornets, if a nest is discovered it is strongly recommended to contact a professional pest control service. European hornets are aggressive when defending their nest. Additionally, they are active during both day and night unlike other hornet or wasp species. To control European hornets, the entire nest will need to be removed. If you have a European hornet nest that requires removal, contact Pre-Empt Pest Control for wasp or hornet nest removal and more.

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