How to Get Rid of a Supercolony of Argentine Ants in Cimarron Springs, NV; Identification, Control & More

The Argentine ant is one of the world’s super ants. Argentine ants are one species of ant that is frequently underestimated. Argentine ants are prolific breeders and will also form sister colonies that work together to dominate an area. Many homeowners believe that when Argentine ants invade, it seems like there is no stopping them. For those under invasion of this super ant species, Pre-Empt Pest Control will share how you can take back control of your home.

Argentine Ants Supercolony

Argentine ants can have very large colonies. Along with large colonies, Argentine ants will form sister colonies and the worker ants will even attend to the sister queen and her brood. A single colony can have multiple queens, some of them have up to one hundred queens. Argentine ants can be both light and dark in color. The male and queens tend to be darker than the workers. Argentine ants are only about 1/8 of an inch long. Argentine ants can be found almost all over the world. Their presence is documented in 15 countries and on six continents. Argentine ants can easily adapt to any environment and have a heavy presence in the Southern regions of the United States, including Nevada. Argentine ants will make their nest in soil, underneath wood, mulch and in tight rock cavities.

What Do Argentine Ants Eat?

Argentine ants can form massive trails while foraging. They have been known to form trail lines five workers wide and travel great distances for food. Argentine ants love sugary sweet foods and meats. Argentine ants will also protect aphids and harvest the sweet dew. Not only will Argentine ants protect aphids, they will remove their wings and keep them like cattle. As these ants have a diverse diet and can adapt to any environment, along with their massive numbers, Argentine ants are very difficult to control.

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There are a few options that a homeowner can utilize when they are under invasion of Argentine ants. One of the more reliable ways to control Argentine ants is with a liquid ant bait. A liquid ant bait lures worker ants to the bait where they will share it with the other ants and queens. There are liquid ant baits for interior and exterior uses. There are also contact killers. If liquid ant baits don’t seem to be working, then you will need to use a contact killer. Contact killer is a spray that you put around the perimeter of the home. You can also use contact killer inside the home, but not around drains. Contact killer use is best done by a professional service. Lastly, you can use home barriers. There are ant or other pest control granules that you put around the outside of the home that can help keep ants out. Argentine ants are one of the most difficult ant species to control. For a homeowner who can’t seem to get rid of ants inside their home, seek a professional pest control service. Pre-Empt Pest Control provides ant and other pest control services and can help you reclaim your home. For quality pest control services, contact Pre-Empt Pest Control today.

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