Commercial Kitchen Pest Control; How to Prevent & Get Rid of Stored Product Pests in Centennial Hills, NV

If you aren’t familiar with what stored product pests are, they are small beetles, weevils and moths that are commonly found in food that we eat. When you are dealing with an infestation in your food, it can quickly spread if you don’t treat the problem properly. The food industry particularly struggles with this problem and can see huge losses when food products are literally thrown away in an effort to get a problem under control. PreEmpt Pest Control is here to share some tips to help you avoid these pests in the first place.

Keep Kitchen Clean from Moth, Weevil & Beetle Insects & Pantry Pests

The first that needs to be done to avoid this problem, is to put some guidelines in place to keep pantry pests out in the first place. Following are some of the best defenses against these pests to keep them from contaminating your food.
– Temperature Control of Storage Area: In storage facilities, it is best to keep them below 40 degrees and 30% humidity to keep pantry pests away.
– Commercial Kitchen Sanitation: You should be following strict sanitation guidelines that keep infestations from breaking out. This means cleaning up any spills, removing dust particles and keeping machinery and equipment as clean as possible.
– Grain & Rice Storage: If at all possible, all food products should be stored off the ground. You should also store it away from the walls so that there is ample room to inspect and clean the area.
– Food Packaging to Keep Pests Out: Robust and airtight packaging is key in keeping pantry pests under control. All raw materials should be stored this way.
– Waste Management to Prevent Pests: Waste and spillage is a big problem in the food industry. All waste needs to be put in a sealed bag so that spills don’t happen as often. Drains and sump pits should be cleaned regularly to avoid any infestation.

Importance of Grain, Rice & Stored Product Pest Inspection

Just because you experience a small infestation of stored product pests, doesn’t mean that your entire stock is useless. If you are performing frequent, necessary inspections, you are likely going to be able to catch a problem before it gets much larger. If you aren’t performing the necessary inspections, it can lead to an infestation that gets out of hand and leaves you discarding most of your stock which means less profit for your business. Anytime you get a shipment of any raw materials, it is wise to have them inspected before you put in storage. You should be looking for any signs of pest activity so that you can limit the infestation to that small area. Signs include:
– Holes, larvae or webbing on packaging
– Presence of pest in food storage bins
– Live or dead insects in food

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