Can I “DIY” Pest Control in Iron Mountain Ranch, NV? When to Call Professional Pest Management!

Does it seem as though pests are always trying to invade and infest your home? When they do, you have two options: try to get rid of them on your own or hire a professional. Pre-Empt Pest Control will outline some of the reasons hiring a professional exterminator is the most effective approach at not only getting rid of current pests but preventing pest infestations as well.

How Much Does Pest Control Cost?

For many people, the “bottom line” of whether to hire a professional is the cost of doing so. Professionals will charge you for their services and if you sign a contract, this charge will be ongoing. There are situations where it may cost less to buy your own tools and chemicals. The answer here may come down to a math game. You will need to determine if one visit from a pro will cost more than purchasing everything yourself. However, if you think you’ll be spraying your home every month or so, you may want to buy everything you need to make future treatments less expensive.

How Long Does it Take to Get Rid of Roaches & Other Pests?

We’ve all heard the phrase “time is money.” This may help you decide if you want to hire a professional. If you work from home, you have more time to tackle pest control on your own but it’s definitely not the best use of your time, especially if you don’t know what you’re doing. If you work full time away from home and commute, you likely don’t have the time to even attempt it. To be effective, you need to know exactly how to control all the different pests infesting your property. You will need to determine if you have the time to learn about these different pests and the best ways to treat them or if you should call in the pros.

Size of Pest Infestation

Another factor you will need to consider is the number of pests you’re dealing with. Do you see occasional pests or do you see them all the time which can indicate a full blown infestation? One roach is probably something you can deal with on your own. You can purchase a spray to kill that one roach. But if you notice more than one or you’re dealing with German cockroaches that breed very quickly, you will need professional help. If you start to feel overwhelmed, you should call the professionals. Also, DIY pest control can give you a false sense of security. You likely assume that as you are supposedly addressing the problem, it can’t get any worse but that is simply untrue!

Seasonal Insects & Pests

The decision may come down to the season. There are insects that thrive during different times of the year. For example, carpenter ants typically swarm during the spring and summer. This is also the time of year that many other pests tend to emerge and become most active. Colder months tend to keep many pests away. That means pests are likely worse in your home during the warmer months … unless the pests have decided to spend winter in your home!

Hidden Pest Threats

Many people assume that pest control is spot control. If you see a bug, you kill that bug, then take steps to keep them out and you’re done. But many pests actually hide in your home and when you do see one, you most likely have a major problem on your hands. You need to call professionals as soon as you suspect a hidden threat.

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Even if you decide to go it alone, you will always get more effective results with professionals. Pre-empt Pest Control have extensive training, knowledge and experience as well as the best tools and much more effective products than over the counter pest control sprays. Give Pre-Empt Pest Control a call to get started today!

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