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Commercial Pest Management in Peccole Ranch, NV to Avoid Diseases, Damage & Bad Reputation Caused By Pests

Commercial properties in the Greater Northwest Las Vegas, NV area are required with their own guidelines and rules regarding sanitation, including pest control efforts. Your business can rapidly become overrun with unwanted pests without the right tools and expertise. The experts from Pre-Empt Pest Control helps you combat pasts that can be a problem in…

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Types of Rodents in Mountain Shadows, NV; How to Get Rid of Deer & House Mice and Norway & Roof Rats

Throughout the Las Vegas Valley there are a number of rodents that have easily adapted to urban life. Throughout the city you can find both mice and rats invading homes and businesses while seeking food, water and shelter. Given the right conditions, rodents can thrive within our communities year round. Pre-Empt Pest Control would like…

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What to Do if You Find a Desert Brown Recluse Spider in your Lone Mountain, NV House; Home Pest Sealing & More

Throughout the Las Vegas Valley there are many pests and some more harmful than others. One of the pests that make it to the top of the charts is the Desert Brown Recluse spider. There are many different species of recluse spider found throughout America, but here in Nevada, the Desert Brown Recluse spider is…

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How Does Pest Exclusion Work in Cimarron Springs, NV? Mesh Screen Vents, Home Sealing for Pest Control & More

You may hear pest control services frequently encourage proper pest exclusion strategies. When homeowners hear the term “exclusion,” they often wonder what that fully entails and how they can have better pest exclusion strategies at their home. There are many pests seeking to enter inside your home. With proper pest exclusion, you can keep most…

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Commercial Kitchen Pest Control; How to Prevent & Get Rid of Stored Product Pests in Centennial Hills, NV

If you aren’t familiar with what stored product pests are, they are small beetles, weevils and moths that are commonly found in food that we eat. When you are dealing with an infestation in your food, it can quickly spread if you don’t treat the problem properly. The food industry particularly struggles with this problem…

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What to Do when You Find a Black Widow Spider in Your Aliante, NV House; Call an Exterminator for Spider Control!

There are many spiders roaming throughout Las Vegas and one of the most feared is the black widow spider. Black widow spiders are well known for their venomous bite. No homeowner wants to tolerate black widow spiders living in or outside their home. Pre-Empt Pest Control will share more about black widow spiders and how…

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