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How to Get Rid of a Supercolony of Argentine Ants in Cimarron Springs, NV; Identification, Control & More

The Argentine ant is one of the world’s super ants. Argentine ants are one species of ant that is frequently underestimated. Argentine ants are prolific breeders and will also form sister colonies that work together to dominate an area. Many homeowners believe that when Argentine ants invade, it seems like there is no stopping them.…

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How to Protect Wood from Carpenter Bees in Aliante, NV; Bee Identification, Behavior, Signs, Control & More

Carpenter bees are rightfully named due to their habit of boring into wood. They cause damage as they excavate the wood, though they do not eat the wood, rather they drill circular holes to create tunnels inside it. Unlike common bees, such as honeybees and bumble bees that live in colonies, carpenter bees are not…

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Yellow Jacket Wasp Nest in the Wall or Ground? How to Get Rid of Wasps & Avoid Stings in North Las Vegas, NV

Yellow jackets are social pests that are aggressive by nature and capable of inflicting a painful sting. They are persistent and relentless, harassing picnickers, and patrons at social gatherings. They can also cause serious allergic reactions in people who are susceptible. Sometimes referred to as hornets, yellow jackets can be identified by the black and…

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Sudden Appearance of Cockroaches in Northwest Las Vegas, NV? What Attracts, How to Get Rid Of Roaches & More

Everybody knows that cockroaches are often attracted to filth. In fact, they have quite the stigma because they are often found in filthy places. So what about your house that you work so diligently to keep clean so that you avoid those filthy creatures? If you have tried everything to keep your house clean and…

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What Attracts Scorpions to My West Sahara, NV House & Yard? Water, Insects, Spiders, Lizards, Habitat & More

Finding a stinging insect, especially a scorpion in your home can be a frightening experience but even more terrifying than finding one, is the thought of finding more. When it comes to scorpions this is often a very real reality as scorpions typically travel in groups which means for every scorpion that you see, there…

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How to Get Rid of an Argentine Ants Supercolony in The Lakes, NV; Ant Size, Identification, Diet, Control & More

Notorious for pilfering sugary crumbs in the pantry or delivering painful pinches if people get too close, people in Las Vegas are well acquainted with ants. Though it usually takes a close inspection to discern types, since ants are relatively tiny, they still share fairly identifiable characteristics. Throughout Southern Nevada, the most common ant species…

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