Aggressive Rats Due to COVID-19 in Desert Shores, NV; How to Keep Rodents Away from Your Home or Business

This COVID-19 pandemic has affected our lives in countless ways. Many of us have spent months now in our homes as we have been working to slow the spread. The ripple effects of this have been unsurmountable. One of the newest things that the CDC has now warned us about as a result of this virus is the risk of aggressive rat behavior. Pre-Empt Pest Control is here to talk about why rats may be more aggressive after this quarantine and how you can keep them out of your home or business.

Rats Have Less Restaurant Food to Eat

As disgusting as it is, rats rely on the waste from restaurants to keep themselves fed when they are living in a big city. With the slow rate at which restaurants are running, if at all, this leaves rats without the food that they need to survive. In fact, a recent report has said the they have resorted to eating their young as they are so short on food. What does this mean for you? This means that you are going to be faced with much more rat activity than you have seen in the past. When they have usually spent their time in the dumpsters looking for their next meal, they may venture into your home or business as they get more and more desperate.

How to Keep Rats Out Away from Your Home or Business

This means that you are going to need to up your game in rat prevention. Following are our best rat prevention tips.
– Seal Entry Points to Keep Rodents Out: Something that many people don’t realize is that rats can fit through insanely small spaces. In fact, they can fit through holes that are as small as a quarter with ease. You need to check your home or building for any openings that could allow rats to gain access into your home.
– Prevent Rats By Keeping Landscaping Trimmed: When you have overgrown vegetation on your property, it gives these rodents somewhere to easily hide out of site. Keeping the landscaping trimmed will eliminate this problem and keep them at bay.
– Store Trash Properly to Not Attract Rats: You should have tight fitting lids on all of your trash cans. This will help keep rats out of them as they are out searching for a meal. The more rotten the food the better as far as rats are concerned. Keep your trash inaccessible to keep rats away.
– Store Pet Food Properly to Stop Rats from Eating It: Another meal that they won’t turn their heads away from is your pet’s food. You shouldn’t keep your pet food in a bag that a rat can easily chew their way through. Put them in plastic or metal containers with a tight fitting lid.

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