Pre-empt Pest Control is the Residential and Commercial Pest Control Company that local homeowners, apartment managers and businesses in Greater Las Vegas, NV have been choosing since 2004. We offer thorough pest inspections and expert pest control targeting insects, arachnids and rodents including ants, cockroaches, stored product pests, bees, wasps, bed bugs, spiders, scorpions, mice and rats. We also offer pigeon control for commercial businesses and apartment complexes. Pre-empt Pest Control is family owned and operated. We offer child and pet eco-friendly treatments and preventative exterior power spray. At Pre-empt Pest Control, we understand how startling and unsettling the discovery of a pest infestation can be. Unfortunately, ignoring the problem just makes it worse. This is why Pre-empt Pest Control is dedicated to offering as much info as possible regarding the pests found in the Northwest Las Vegas Valley. We want you to know what you are up against so you can relax in knowing we have the solutions to all your pest problems. Give Pre-empt Pest Control a call today; we are ready to serve you!

As a licensed and insured pest control services provider, Pre-empt Pest Control recruits the leading pest control experts in the Las Vegas, NV Valley. Our professionals have the expertise through formal training and daily experience that continues to enhance their expertise, as well as skills to combat both complex and unique pests. With their expertise, they can problem solve any unique infestations as well as provide maintenance plans to our Las Vegas Valley customers. With the help of our safe and effective products and advanced equipment, Pre-empt Pest Control is the leading professional providing high-quality services. We understand that our valued clients are our greatest asset. Pre-empt Pest Control of NW Las Vegas is eager to not only give our customers quality pest inspections and control services, but we are dedicated to incorporating friendly customer service and professional integrity on a consistent basis. We are dedicated to our clients and often exceed their expectations. With our diligence, Pre-empt Pest Control specialists are going above and beyond to ensure customer satisfaction.

When you want quality pest control and preventative pest control solutions, Pre-empt Pest Control is the right choice to keep your family safe, but efficiently eliminating the pests that can be hazardous. Call Pre-empt Pest Control for a consultation. Our friendly staff can answer your questions and address any questions you may have. With our expertise, we can help you with your pest control needs customized to our individual clients. Contact our office today and our certified technicians will assist you in disposing of an infestation or helping you put in place preventative maintenance.

Why Choose Pre-empt Pest Control?

No Contract for Residential Pest Control Clients!

To better serve home owners in Northwest Las Vegas, NV, Pre-empt Pest Control is proud to be a no-contract company. No contract means no contract. You can cancel at any time and determine how often or how little you want to be serviced. We know you will be satisfied with our quick and effective services.

Microencapsulated Pesticides

Our pesticides use micro encapsulation: the process by which the droplets of liquid pesticides (the core) are surrounded by a film of polymeric material (the shell) to produce capsules, known as micro-capsules. This ensures the pesticides will only activate when in contact with a pest, even in rain.

Preemptive Pest Control Measures

Like our name suggests, we employ preemptive pest control measures to effectively remove and prevent all your bug problems.

to forestall or prevent (something anticipated) by acting first; preclude; head off:

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